Daniel Estevez

Software developer

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Howdy, I’m Daniel.

I’m a software engineer working currently at Ubisoft and living in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

  • My experience starting as a consultant for different clients to later joining a successful startup from early stages and finally working in a big corporation allows me to have a wide view on different organizations, teams, environments and technologies
  • I would like to define myself as a Product oriented Developer with a wide range of technical skills that go from working as an individual contributor to core skills that fit into leadership profiles as tech lead, team lead or engineering manager.
  • I love coding, and so far I have worked with many languages specially with Java, Python or more recently Golang and I consider myself an agnostic software developer, always interested in learning new technologies
  • Things I value
    • Improving developer productivity
    • Empowering developers and teams
    • Freedom of choice of technologies
    • Remote first and multicultural environments
    • Learning new technologies, always